At All North Electric we work diligently with our safety practices (or measures) on a regular basis. We are always looking to improve and always willing to adapt to the procedures in place with our clients and to openly communicate with our staff to ensure they feel they are working in a safe environment. We ensure our staff is continually educated and given the proper working tools and equipment to promote a safe and healthy work environment. We enforced that all our staff is aware of emergency procedures and location of first aid kits and fire extinguishers at all times.

> Company Safety Orientation

> Fall Arrest


> Daily Job Box Meetings

> Work Safety Procedures

> Safety Inspections

> Disciplinary procedures for non compliance

> Job Specific Safety Orientation

It is important to all involved that every worker get home safe and sound to their loved ones.

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During these trying times,  it is crucial that all workers are provided with proper training and PPE in order to stay safe when out in the community.  At All North Electric, we provide proper material to ensure that our employees can maintain their safety through social distancing practices as well as taking part in hand washing regularly.  Employees are regularly updated on new precautions and guidelines when going to a job site.  

For more information on how COVID-19 impacts us, please see link below:  

COVID-19 Regulations and Safety Precautions 

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